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a little something to celebrate one of the new capes coming to sky.

haven't drawn the old sona in a long while.

i had a dream about being in some fancy antique shop and seeing two plague doctor dolls that i wanted. my mom said i could only choose one, so they came to life to fight over which one of them would come home. they had funny accents i never really heard before. by the end i was allowed to take both.

I'm too impatient to wait one (1) day to know what alt outfit I want from the next season in sky.

i've been watching my boyfriend play nier automata. i love emil!

Gladiolus - “You pierce my heart.”

A piece I did for @pvppycreep on DeviantArt as part of a design trade. I don’t usually do anthro, but I’m really happy with this one.

one of my friends requested a revamp of my old chingling gijinka, penelope! :)

i need to practice more painting on drawpile.